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App Report for Zapya - File transfer tool and GIF viewer. Although it is a super awesome app for data transfering but sometimes there happens a problem when connecting with computer that is version problems different versions can't be connected nd meanwhile sometimes it happens that update version for both pc nd Mobile are not available in stores.
At the end of 2015, State telecommunications industry authorities claimed that 150,000 Cubans connect to the Internet in public wifi areas every day, but the island is still among the countries with the lowest rates of connectivity in the world; only 5% of population is on-line (and only slightly over 1% are using broadband).
Please don't leave there is people that love and care about you what I mean by that is ray, Princeton, and roc why leave them why leave us your fans we love you I love you and it wouldn't be the same with out is all I got to say :( I love you make the right choice stay with ,or without mb.
I just started listining to your songs,in guys inspired me to come out of my shell,and just do for u people out there i know where ur coming from saying that a girl killed herself not prodigy fault that girl decided to take matters in her own u guys came so far into success.Prodigy if u r reading this remember what JANET JACKSON each other with all ur i don't know if she said this or not but..... have faith in ask your self is this what you really want? is this what people want people please.
Dear mindless behavior i know you all are not going to read this but please do not break up you all mean everything to me it will break my heart nto a million pieces prodigy please come back you all are coming to my town soon and i don't want to go if its not mindless behavior its just omg girlz princeton roc and ray ray i want all of you please please get back together i love you all bang bang bang bang bang bang that is what you will do to my heart if you don't get back together.

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